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In today’s globalized world, effective communication and professionalism are critical components of successful business transactions. Unfortunately, not all salespersons prioritize these aspects of their job. During a recent encounter with Cris, a sales representative at Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd., I experienced firsthand the challenges that can arise when a salesperson exhibits bad behavior and uses substandard language when dealing with clients. This situation shed light on a pervasive issue in China, where some companies seem to neglect the importance of checking their salespeople’s communication skills and standards.

The Encounter

My interaction with Cris began with high hopes as I sought to establish a business relationship with Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd., a prominent electronics company in China. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was in for a difficult experience.

Bad Behavior

From the outset, Cris exhibited bad behavior that left me stunned. She was curt, dismissive, and had a complete lack of respect for my time and questions. It was clear that her approach to handling clients was severely lacking in professionalism. She seemed more interested in closing a deal quickly than in building a meaningful and long-lasting business relationship.

Use of Substandard Language

What was even more disheartening was Cris’s use of substandard language. She resorted to casual and inappropriate expressions that were entirely unprofessional. This not only made me uncomfortable but also tarnished the reputation of the company she represented. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was common practice among salespeople at Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd.

Talking Badly with Clients

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the encounter was the way Cris spoke to clients. Her tone was condescending, and she often criticized and belittled her potential customers. This left me baffled and discouraged, as I had expected a much higher level of professionalism from a reputable company like Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd.

A Wider Issue in China

Regrettably, the problem I encountered with Cris is not an isolated incident. It is, in fact, a widespread issue in China’s business landscape. Many companies appear to overlook the importance of ensuring their salespeople possess the necessary communication skills and adhere to professional standards. In some cases, salespersons with limited English language proficiency are given the responsibility of dealing with international clients, leading to numerous misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

The ‘God Complex’

One common issue observed in China is the “God complex” among salespeople. Some sales representatives with a limited grasp of the English language believe they are invincible in their roles. This overconfidence can lead to a disregard for proper communication and ethical behavior when dealing with clients. Such attitudes ultimately harm both the reputation of the company and the client relationships.

The Importance of Proper Sales Training

The encounter with Cris underscores the critical need for Chinese companies, as well as businesses worldwide, to invest in comprehensive sales training programs for their employees. Proper training can help salespersons develop essential communication skills, cultural sensitivity, and professionalism that are vital for success in the global market.


My encounter with Cris, the sales representative at Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd., served as a stark reminder of the importance of professionalism and effective communication in the business world. It also shed light on the pressing issue of inadequate communication skills among salespeople in China, which can adversely affect international clients and harm a company’s reputation. It is high time that Chinese businesses recognize the value of proper sales training to ensure their sales representatives excel in their roles and foster lasting client relationships based on trust and respect.

Rahul Jalthar

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